The Department of Philosophy at the University of Rijeka inaugurated the PhD programme  “Contemporaneity and philosophy” in the academic year 2008-2009. The programme aims to form scholars who will work in the Anglo-American analytic philosophy but who will also be capable to engage analytically within the continental tradition.

Currently (a.y. 2013-14) twenty five students are enrolled and five students of the first generations have already gained their PhDs.


Compulsory courses are present in the first and the second semester, while in the subsequent semesters teaching is organised through optional seminars and consultations with the tutor. The doctoral students by combing different types of learning receive a strong background preparation in the areas of analytic epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of logic and mathematics, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind. Moreover, they will carry forward their research for their doctoral dissertation on specific topics at the intersection of some of these areas.

Overall,  in our  programme classical teaching forms such as lectures and exams have been minimised. Greater importance is given to the more active forms of student participation. Students have to engage regularly in discussion seminars, participate to round tables and conferences, and present the results of their research work. In particular, students have to write a seminar paper and present it at a plenary event that is attended by all the student of a specific year of study. Students also have to participate, at least once a year, to a specialist school organised within the programme framework, as well as to an international conference.


Doctoral students, upon having received adequate training, may take part in the teaching of undergraduate philosophy modules in the Department of Philosophy.

Further Information

Additional information about the programme may be found by contacting the Doctoral Programme Director Prof. Nenad Smokrović at: nenad[at]ffri.hr