PhD thesis topic approval

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PhD thesis topic approval: The student publicly defends the PhD thesis topic in front of the PhD Thesis Topic Commitee that consists of at least three members appointed to an academic or scientific rank from the area of the PhD thesis topic, which is accepted by the Faculty Board at the proposal of the Postgraduate Board of Studies. At the proposal of the PhD Thesis Topic Evaluation Committee the Faculty Board accepts or rejects the PhD thesis topic.

Also, pursuant to Article 27 of the Ordinance on Postgraduate University (Doctoral) Study Programmes at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka the Faculty Board may request corrections to be made to the PhD thesis topic. If the Commitee passes a negative opinion on the PhD thesis topic even after necessary corrections have been made, the Faculty Board suspends the procedure for the acquisition of the tiltle Doctor of Philosophy.

Defence of the PhD thesis: The PhD thesis is evaluated by the PhD Thesis Evaluation Committee appointed by the Faculty Board. The PhD student’s supervisor or co- supervisor cannot be members of the Committee. The Evalution Commitee submits a report to the Postgraduate Board of Studies and the Faculty Board, based on which the Faculty Board accepts the positive evaluation of the PhD thesis and appoints the PhD Thesis Defence Committee, whose members also cannot be the supervisor or co- supervisor.

A student may defend the PhD thesis only if he/she has passed all the exams and completed all other obligations of the postgraduate study programme. The defence is held no later than two months after the Faculty Board has accepted the positive evaluation of the PhD thesis. Date and place of the defence must be publicly announced at least eight days prior to the defence. The defence is performed according to a protocol prescribed by the University.