Requirements for enrolment

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Requirements for enrolment in the study programme: completed university graduate study programme in philosophy (or another related study programme in the area of social sciences and humanities, exceptionally natural sciences with the obligation of passing differential exams).

The candidate should have acquired 300 ECTS credits (including the undergraduate cycle), or completed a university graduate study programme prior to the enforcement of the Science and Higher Education Act (OG, no. 123/03), or achieved an academic title Master of Science from an appropriate field in the humanities.

Student selection is based on criteria and procedures established by the Ordinance on Postgraduate University (Doctoral) Study Programmes at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, Article 5. Students are selected on the basis of their achievement in prior studies, published scientific and professional papers, participation in symposia and conferences, student awards, reccomendations from academic rank holders, presentation in front of the Enrolment Committee.

Enrolment requirements for individual semesters: A student that has enrolled in the study programme is also enrolled in the first semester. Enrolment in the second semester is unconditional. Minimal number of ECTS credits that a student needs to have in order to enrol in each subsequent semester is 16, and the minimal number of credits necessary for enrolment in the 2 nd year of study is 32.

In the 2 nd semester the student selects his/her supervisor. In the 4 th semester the student develops and defends the PhD thesis topic (30 ECTS). In order to enrol in the 5 th semester (3 rd year of study) the student must pass all obligatory exams. During the 6 th semester the PhD thesis should be developed and handed in for evaluation. Each year the PhD student must submit the PhD Student Annual Report to the Coordinator or Secretary of the Study Programme, as regulated by the Ordinance on Studies at the University of Rijeka, Article 58.a. (http://www.uniri.hr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=362%3Aobras ci&catid=44%3Apropisi-i- dokumenti&Itemid=108&lang=hr).

The supervisor submits the Supervisor Annual Report on the PhD student's success in completing his/her study obligations, as regulated by the Ordinance on Studies, Article 58. (http://www.uniri.hr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=362%3Aobras ci&catid=44%3Apropisi-i- dokumenti&Itemid=108&lang=hr). Study obligations are divided between teaching and scientific-research activities.

Although in the first two years of the study programme obligatory classes must be attended, great importance is given to independent research, which is also implemented in the syllabus. Scientific research and professional work consist of activities listed in table B, where ways of gaining ECTS credits for individual activities are outlined. In this way the share of classic teaching is considerably reduced and students' independence in conducting research during the study programme is encouraged.